Our wines are protected by the most prestigious designations of origin in Spain, the highest guarantee of quality and authenticity.

The D.O.Ca Rioja is the oldest designation of origin in Spain and was created in 1925 to protect the identity of the region's wines and certify their origin and production. The designation's supervisory body is made up of representatives of winemakers, winery owners and the Administration and applies exhaustive quality control from crop to market, defining the production area, the grape varieties that can be grown, the maximum yields allowed, the production and ageing techniques, the organoleptic quality required of the wines and the labels used.

The D.O. Ribera del Duero has been officially recognised since 1982 and appends its seal to endorse the authenticity of wines under this designation of origin and guarantee strict control of each bottle for consumers. The designation's supervisory body monitors the maximum regulatory production and the process for making the wines with the authorised grape varieties and the classification process before they are placed on the market.

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